“I have been working with Cyndy Reid for the past two years.  She was referred to be my son-in-law (a physician) as he had

witnessed my physical strength declining over a few years and was concerned about my steady decline. 

I could not get out of a chair without pulling up on something, I had no balance, experienced frequent falls, and was unable to

walk up or down the stairs without holding on tight to the railings.   I was considerably overweight which added to my

lack luster attitude. So, I thought what the heck I would give her a try. At 70+ years of age I had convinced myself that my

decline was just part of getting old and that I needed to just accept it.  WELL, was I ever wrong!

I began my journey of working out with Cyndy reluctantly at first. I was uncertain that I could even do the work that was

ahead of me.  She was not discouraged by my attitude as she evaluated my issues and began her task with small steps to

build up my strength and confidence. 

Cyndy has completely turned all of this around.  She is simply amazing. She is professional and possesses the appropriate

knowledge to develop a plan for whatever your needs are to get you to where you need to be and to maintain that. 

Cyndy taught me how to trust myself again and she always made sure that the pacing for my workouts were challenging

but within the range of where my skills were at the time. Cyndy has literally given me my life back and I will be forever grateful

for the gift of confidence and strength that I now possess.

Today I am now not just stronger, I AM strong. 

She has challenged and taught me that even though my body is older I can continue to age with strength

and confidence.  I am so very pleased with the new me and I attribute this all to Cyndy Reid. 

She is the very best and I am the clear evidence of her skills, dedication and coaching that she has provided. 


I am living the lifestyle now that I want to maintain for the rest of my life.  

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is considering working with Cyndy to not hesitate as you will not regret that decision. “ 


--Betsy Franko

--Niwot, Colorado 

"With great enthusiasm I wish to recommend Cyndy Reid as an exceptional Health Coach / Personal Trainer. Her wealth of experience,

knowledge and sincere concern for her clients make her a cut above others in a very competitive industry. Cyndy worked

with both my husband and me when we were in our 50’s.  We met at a public club, where we observed other trainers working

with their clients. It was soon evident that Cyndy was unusually attentive and aware of her client’s needs and abilities, never

putting them at risk of injury.  I witnessed other “professionals” who were often chatty, distracted, and seemingly casual about

the paces they put their clients through. Cyndy’s focus on me, my goals and long-term wellbeing never wavered. I saw real,

meaningful results in my strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone. Her coaching went beyond the gym, to include

diet/nutritional guidance, sports improvement (hiking and skiing dynamics), and beneficial exercise routines that were

approachable and feasible at home on my own.  What Cyndy taught me is still with me today, helping me maintain a healthy

lifestyle that will serve me well in the years to come."

---Lucy Nichols CNE, CRS, GRI

     BJ Adams and Co. Real Estate


"I was introduced to Cyndy by a friend and was pleasantly surprised! I was active but not a gym goer. I was skeptical of a

person trainer because I have had trainers that exasperated any injury or minor pain I had. The difference is that Cyndy works

with her clients as individuals, learning about all of our different bodies and limitations.
Cyndy’s experience has given her a repertoire of moves and methods that is never ending to make each workout different and

designed for you. She has remarkably transformed my physique and level of strength while working around my physical

limitations. I recently had a hip replacement and the Dr. asked what I did to aid in such a quick recovery…the answer?

Working with Cyndy!
She is a kind, caring trainer and I feel blessed to have her in my life."
-----Christine Markey

        Business Owner
        Aspen, Co

"Cyndy Reid really gets it all.  While many can work you hard, Cyndy takes all the variables at play, that day, this week, last

month, in the future, and incorporates them all into the current moment.  Physical, chemical, emotional… all your stresses

impact the whole.  She is incredible working with injuries and ailments (extreme sports constants for me).  At any sign of

“bad” pain (several types of pain that speak volumes when she interprets them in your specific state) and she instantly

redirects to another movement, keeping the objective in tact — all the benefit, no detriment.  Athletes who pay attention

and understand how much more it is than “exercise,” and those who desire to be ‘on the field' and accountable for your own 

health and fitness, will stand to learn a lot from Cyndy.  I am self motivated; don’t need a cheerleader — I needed smart,

technical and tailored.  Ironically, she helped me be way more bad-ass in play by actually dialing-it-down, and paying

attention to various subtleties that manifest into things that are far from subtle!  If Cyndy was sailing the Titanic, it would

not have hit the iceberg!  If you’re really smart and in-touch… she’s still probably 10x smarter and tougher than you are and

you would be remiss to not give her a try!  Plus she’s cool!" 

-----Bruce St. John

        Austin & Crested Butte​

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cyndy Reid. As well as being a personal friend for years, she assisted me

in the production of an exercise video several years ago. Ms. Reid organized and conducted the auditions, choreographed

the aerobic-exercise portion, personally instructed me in the exercises, and starred in the video. It was during the production

of this video that I became aware of Ms. Reid's natural feel for the camera. She is quite photogenic. Over the years, I have

been impressed with her creativity and talent. She has always been one to take the initiative and to follow a project through

to its fullest potential. Mrs. Reid's programs have continually reflected her cutting edge knowledge of the fitness industry.

Her ability to assess an individual's needs for personal physical growth, to fine tune and adjust exercises accordingly, her

knowledge of the human body and nutrition, and her ability to motivate others has been commendable. Ms, Reid's life is

dedicated to fitness, health and nutrition, and this passion shines through in everything she does. "

-----Martina Navratilova

Cyndy is an extremely experienced personal trainer who has been helping me recover from a knee procedure. She somehow

manages to be conservative and keep me safe (per the doctor's protocol), while simultaneously helping me rebuild strength

in a very intelligent manner. The workouts she gives me always target exactly what I need and she is a stickler for proper

form, which I appreciate. As a long time yoga therapist I am *extremely* picky about the fitness professionals I work with,

and Cyndy is truly in the top 1% of her profession. She is also a lot of fun! I look forward to continuing to work with her

even after my recovery, simply to maintain and continue to build on good health and fitness.

Thanks Cyndy!

---Laura Kupperman

---Bolder, CO

Dear Cyndy,

I'm sitting at my desk, on my ball...

And I'm thinking how really lucky I am to have found you.

You are the best Health Coach & Fitness Trainer I've ever known (and I've known a bunch)

Thank you so much for improving my life. I just can't believe how happy I am 

or how much better I feel. You make the journey fun, and give me hope for a comfortable aging process.

You saved me from having to have any surgery and my spine is strong!

Walking the straight line,


---Nancy Newton

---Boulder, CO

"You have given my impossible dream's space to actualize.  Improvement of physical well-being and visualize skiing again 

which evolved into astounding results for shoulder injury

rehabilitation to avoid surgery."Under your tutelage my progress has been miraculous!  Your brilliantly custom-designed

intuitive approach, beyond gifted

wisdom, talent, training, experience, atop your personal charisma has borne the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  

For these marvels, I shall always be thankful to you for your personal training magic!" 

---Pam Fox



Cyndy's private fitness sessions are amazing! She assisted me in building strength, when I didn't think it was possible.

She worked with me gradually, at the pace my body could handle, and now I'm stronger. She also gave me exercises

that I can do on my own to continue advancing!

---Karen Nagle

---Bouldler, CO

"Cyndy Reid is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate personal trainer. Years ago, when I first began working out

with her, not only did my body's appearance improve dramatically, I also developed better balance, addressed on-going

physical limitations and impediments, and my posture greatly improved. Cyndy takes enormous pride in her work and is

always original and creative in her workouts, so they are never boring, always exciting. I highly recommend Cyndy for

anybody who is looking to improve their core strength, athleticism, physical appearance, or strengthen and improve physical


----Elizabeth Plotke

      Owner Campo De Fiori



 "My husband and I have both trained with Cyndy Reid for the past three years. Cyndy not only works with us to achieve optimal

fitness, she facilitates goals and challenges mental limits. She pushes us to feel better and optimize our physical selves. Cyndy

is caring and attentive to what every client needs and how hard she can push each person. She tailors her workouts to reach

your personal fitness goal and she opens up new fitness possibilities. She is encouraging and motivating and inspires me to

reach further, go longer and try harder. Her workouts are never boring.

She is also flexible and accommodating when I have friends and family in town and welcomes them to our sessions.

She listens and respects each individual’s current workout regime and provides suggestions and support for optimizing each

work out. I am impressed with her passion to help clients reach and refine their fitness goals. She is knowledgeable in all

areas of physical health, including nutrition, which makes her programs a comprehensive approach to our individual fitness

needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to reach optimal health at any age."

-----Lexie Potamkin

        Author, Philanthropist, Businesswomen


"I played the best game of golf I had all summer after working with you!"

-----Pearl Klein

        Aspen & Boca Raton







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